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2011-01-27 23:08:32 by SnugglyOmelet

OlivarTheOctopus mkay???

You know what...

2011-01-15 21:37:58 by SnugglyOmelet

Why do I bother. No one cares, I could write and draw all day and not vomit out anything slightly interesting to anyone other than myself. What is with that? All the self righteous pricks on every website who say this isn't detailed or interesting enough...What do they fucking know? I mean, have they EVER EVER EVER put anything on any site that is worth even looking at. Probably not. Then there's the whole "well I thought it was pretty good". The one good review you get is either bombarded by the little useless or delete buttons. And it's even worse if you say something good about your work. GOD FORBIIIIIIIIIID IT! Oh, I put this on the website so of course I think it's crap...I must have honestly. I've been doing this forever I've take all kinds of everything. I'm so sick of hypocrites, especially the pervs on this sight. I'm sorry but to the guy with the third comment on my last post. I very well know what the Hell a friggin' blowie is. I don't need you giving me disgusting details on it and how it applies to my....I would say art, but I'd probably get the result I'm complaining about. And then of course they're always the people who claim to offer constructive criticism. I'm sorry a one sentence review titled ... and the actual review is "BLAM THS PEICE UV CRAP!!1!" Is not by any means constructive, or criticism. Seriously what is with that, Tom after 10 years of people cyber raping that saying wouldn't you get tired of it. And then on deviant art there's about nine million individual pictures and emotions for every sentence someone has. You get more of those that actual
words.....If you didn't want to here ramblings compatible with that of a crazy persons, then you should have figured out that after the first sentence that's all this basically is. I know I've drilled through endless plots, and usernames, and character designs. But do any of you actually give a crap. Seriously you whine and whine and whine, but I honestly have only had one faithful person follow me, and I don't even know who they really are or there current account on here. The there's Deviant Art again, it's a place of lies, and liars. I'm sorry the moment you get on that website they start breathing down your neck to get a premium membership, and of course you have to get one just to piss the other way. And furthermore the people who said things on my last post were right. They just say nice things to you, so you'll do the same for them. And here, everyone either expresses what everyone else says. Or, they have nothing to say. I'm sorry but they should really exercise what classifies as a review. I have skimmed over the terms of agreement and what not, and no one actually follows them. Ugh more psychotic ramblings next week, for now I must exorcise my umbrella and my neighbors house.

I've been contemplating over whether or not to make a submission to Newgrounds. I love my art, it's offense, but a lot of people on here are just douche bags with no artistic talent that enjoy ridiculing decent art and then get mad at you when you make a smart ass response to it. Deviant Art is more of a...I don't know "light" site? The users use constructive criticism...Which is on here it's just rare. So yeah, comment if you thing I should or shouldn't submit stuff using Newgrounds.

New Years WOOT!

2010-12-31 02:03:26 by SnugglyOmelet

It's New Years Eve!!! Art won't be here for a while, Okay?


2010-12-25 12:58:06 by SnugglyOmelet

I've got a few character, and somewhat of a storyline, at least enough for the first episode.


2010-12-24 00:36:21 by SnugglyOmelet

Yeah might be making a flash series...might...still happy though.

I dunno...

2010-12-16 09:54:53 by SnugglyOmelet

Yes this is the old SimplyStudios and KingKupcake....I just got bored and made a new doesn't really matter since I never submitted anything so....yeah....