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Should I Make a Submission?

2011-01-08 13:26:54 by SnugglyOmelet

I've been contemplating over whether or not to make a submission to Newgrounds. I love my art, it's offense, but a lot of people on here are just douche bags with no artistic talent that enjoy ridiculing decent art and then get mad at you when you make a smart ass response to it. Deviant Art is more of a...I don't know "light" site? The users use constructive criticism...Which is on here it's just rare. So yeah, comment if you thing I should or shouldn't submit stuff using Newgrounds.


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2011-01-08 14:38:19

People on deviantart are hypocrites who give you nice comments so you leave nice comments on their stuff. That gives them an errection.
People on NG are more likely to offer you constructive criticism, you just have to filter :->

SnugglyOmelet responds:

You can filter it?


2011-01-08 14:57:55

dA, Constructive?
More like circle jerk. They just tell you nice things cause thats all they want to hear.
You want a real critique. Drop by the Art Forum. We may not stroke the shaft, work the balls and swallow the gravy, But at least were honest.

SnugglyOmelet responds:

Nice analogies, and a good idea. Thanks!


2011-01-11 23:51:08

Well, dA is good for the simple reason that you can follow track on your favorite artist, which you can't do here on NG.

But here on NG people have tons more fun and probably no one will ever get to see your art but at least if someone actually does i'll be just happy to honestly comment.

I just missed the point, that actually didn't make any sense.

NG's casual
dA pro.